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We are in business to help eCommerce stores increase revenue through email; predictive, personalized and fully responsive email. Proven to help you engage your customers more effectively.

Our customers have seen their personalized emails drive more engagement with their own customers, which increases the likelihood of repeat purchases, and recommendations. 

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Key Features

We know you have a lot of choice when it comes to email platforms!  Here are a few reasons why we’re different:

  • Rare import all of your customer data and information straight from Shopify or other e-commerce platforms and make that information available to you to send better emails.
  • Rare looks at past purchase history of customers who have also bought similar items, and we find trends in the data to recommend products that are attractive to your customer's habits. This is important when trying to get customers to engage with your call to actions.
  • A segmentation engine that allows you to rapidly find target customer groups for retention marketing, up-selling, and increased engagement.
  • The ability to send predictive, personalized product recommendations resulting in higher click-through rates.
  • We offer premium customer support and service. We want to see you succeed so our team is here to help you with anything from building emails to fine-tuning your marketing strategies.

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Pricing Plans

Our pricing is simple! For lists under 1,000 contacts, we have specific tiers available. For lists over 1,000 contacts, our plans become incremented for each 10,000 contacts in an account. You can find out more on our pricing page.


Where to go for help

We offer many resources to help you answer your questions. You can find our help docs and guides in our support portal, or you can contact our success team for specific queries.

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