Getting transferred over from Mailchimp to Rare is super easy. The integration allows for all your contacts and lists to flow over into your Rare lists. Its a one way sync, and Rare brings in the contacts, and doesn't send anything back.

How to integrate Mailchimp:

Step 1:

Go to your Mailchimp Account dashboard, select your username, and then go to Account

Step 2:

Select Extras, and then API keys

Step 3:

Create an API key, and then copy it (this will be the API key you bring over to Rare for the integration).

 Step 4:

Go to your Rare Account. Under your account name>account and select the "integrations" tab, you can add and manage your integrations here:

To get started, select the Add Integration button 

A pop up box will appear, asking you to select a service to connect

Select a service to connect and then you will need to enter your API Key. 

When an API key is entered, a save button will appear and you are good to go.
Once 'save' has been pressed we will begin importing the data, this process usually takes <5mins. 

Your Mailchimp contacts will show in your All Prospects list.

Best Practices Moving Forward

  • Reach out to Rare's Support team with any Mailchimp email template you want moved over and they will happy to import them in your Rare account.
  • Book a call here with the Onboard team, they can help you get started with any automated series you had in Mailchimp. 

Any Questions? Please press the blue chat icon at the bottom right of the page!

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