With Rare, you have the ability to manually import customer lists and CSVs. They will be imported as prospects, and you can keep organize these contacts by making custom lists, that can be then be emailed. 


Import subscribers using a CSV

Rare provides a template file that you can use as a guide to create your own customer list to import into your account. You can download and view our subscriber CSV template by downloading the attachment


To Import a customer CSV: 

1) From the Rare Dashboard, click on your account name tab in the top menu bar, and then click on Contacts

2) Click on the Manage Contacts drop-down menu, and then click on Import Contacts.

3) Click on the Upload CSV or text file box

4) Confirm that "these people gave me permission to email them", and then upload the CSV file from your computer

You will then receive an email from rare.io when the upload is successful and finished.  


PLEASE NOTE: When uploading a customer csv, please make sure your csv has no header, and that the columns are in this order: 

(email, firstname, lastname, tag1, tag2, ...) The order of your csv is crucial to being imported properly. 

Voila! After uploading the file, these contacts will be in your Rare account for you to email them :)



How to Copy/Past from a .xls File

  1. Click on the Copy/paste from file option

2. Manually past contact details from your spreadsheet file. *You must follow the proper order for the contacts to be successfully imported- email, first name, last name and then tag (if it’s applicable

3. Confirm that these people gave you permission to email them.

4. Hit the subscribe button and boom! You have now imported more contacts to email :)

You have now successfully imported a contact list! Please note that by importing lists, your number of contacts in your Rare account will increase. This could result in an extra billing unit being added to your monthly statement. Click here to go Rare’s pricing.

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