There are a couple of ways in Rare where you can manage your email contacts. It is also very important to update and clean your mailing lists, in order to avoid your emails from ending up in spam.

1. Remove or Unsubscribe:

In any list that you have in your Rare account, you can manually remove or unsubscribe a contact by selecting the check box beside the email, and selecting the unsubscribe or remove options:

NOTE: Because we sync your Rare account to your BigCommerce/Shopify store, we do not allow you to remove customers, as we need this information for Rare's analytics and reports!

2. Bulk Unsubscribe

You can remove a large list of your contacts in any one of your lists. You can do this by selecting the "Manage Contacts" drop down and selecting "Unsubscribe Contacts"

From here, you can copy paste a list of your unsubscribes:

NOTE: When you unsubscribe someone from a list, this will apply throughout your entire Rare account. If this contact appears in more than one list or segment, and you unsubscribe them from one list, they will be unsubscribed from all other lists.

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