If you are new to Rare, using this setup wizard is a great way to get started.

The setup wizard will allow you to: import your contacts, upload your store branding, and configure your settings to ensure you're ready to start sending emails!

To access the setup wizard, click on your account name information at the top right of the page, then go down to Setup Wizard


1. Integrate Your Online Shop: This page outlines what connectors your Rare account has to different eCommerce platforms.

2. Import your Subscribers: Here you have three methods to import contacts. You can upload a CSV file, copy and paste, or you can integrate your account with an existing service. Click here for more information on importing subscribers

3. Set Your Default Mailout Design:
Upload your store logos to always have your store's branding ready to go for templates.

4.Configure Your Settings:  Enter your store details, email, identity, product information, subscription/unsubscribe and affiliate code information.

You are now setup and ready to start emailing :) Go back to our Getting Started docs to get find out what type of campaigns you should be sending.

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