Getting Started


1. Setup Wizard: When you first login to your Rare account, you will be brought to the Setup Wizard to set you up in your account. This will get you ready to send out your first round of emails!


2. Import your subscribers: In the Setup Wizard, you have an option to manually import your contacts by uploading a .csv file, copying and pasting your subscribers, or by integrating a service


3. Connect your store's newsletter sign up box: You can feed your prospects into your Rare account through your newsletter sign up box. Instructions to set this up are here


Finding your way around

Displayed upon login you will be presented with a snapshot of your email activity, top campaigns and automated emails, and your reports on revenue generated, customer status and quality. If you are new to Rare you won't find anything here of course, but once you start sending out emails, this data will begin populating with the results.


The top navigational bar will remain present throughout your Rare experience, and you can use this to toggle between the areas in the app:


Rare logo: This will take you back to your dashboard.


Campaigns: This is where you will create and store your bulk campaigns. Campaigns are sent right away or on a pre scheduled date. They can also be set to send to any list or segment of customers/prospects that you wish to send to.


Automated Series: This is where you will create and store your event-based (autoresponders, drip campaigns, etc) emails. These emails are set up to send only when a customer/prospect performs an action in your store. For example: customer places their first order, or has not purchased in a specific time frame.


Lists: This is where your lists and segments will be stored. You can create new lists and segments here.

  • Learn more about your defaulted lists and how you can create a new segment to start targeting your desired audience in your emails.


Templates: All of your templates will be stored in this tab. You can go here to create a new template, or use your existing templates to help create a new email. Other resources to look at:

Reports: Here you will find your store's data we have pulled from your eCommerce platform and displayed into meaningful data for you. You can use this to better understand your customers buying behaviour in order to send the right email at the right time. This can also assist you with planning future email campaigns. Learn more here!

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