These are instructions for Shopify stores, if you are on Big Commerce or another ecommerce platform, please contact the support team ( for assistance on setting up your newsletter signup box.

Rare has support for newsletter subscribers, we call them prospects, because from an ecommerce perspective they are prospect customers.

Chances are your store has a form on at least one page that looks like this:



By default (such as with Shopify) these forms are designed to provide email address to a MailChimp mailing list. This is done by submitting the form above to a web service running on one of MailChimp's servers.

Rare also allows you to submit signup forms to one of our servers, and conveniently our form handling is compatible with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

So what does that mean to you? Well, in most cases it means you can switch the signup process completely over to Rare by inputting your submit URL into your Shopify store. 



To find your Submit URL, go under your store name>contacts and select the 'Signup Form' tab:



Under the Copy and Paste HTML (further down the page), grab the submit URL from the code here:



Once you have your URL, login to your Shopify store and under the tab: Online Store>Themes select the Customize theme button.



Once you select the Customize Theme button, select the Footer section from the list on the left side of your Shopify account:




Once in the Footer section, scroll down to the bottom of the page where there will be a field titled:

"MailChimp Form Action URL"

This is where you will input that Submit URL we grabbed from your Rare account:

Remember to click save! You will then start to see your subscribers from your newsletter box feed into your Rare account!

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