*Note: Segments are dynamic lists, and if any contact meets this condition, they will be placed into the segment. 

For example: If you create a segment based on those who have purchased product A, and two weeks after creating the segment, Customer X purchases product A, they will be placed into this segment. Any mailout that is set up to send to this segment will then receive this mailout!

There are two options available to you to segment your audience.


Basic Segmentation Builder:

You can use the basic segmentation builder which places conditions on your audience.You can start by titling your segment and then adding as many conditions on your audience as you would like. The following are the conditions you can select:

Once you add the conditions to your audience, you will be able to see how many subscribers you are reaching by selecting the "update count" button. This is really helpful to know how many people you are planning to target:


Save your list, and then your segment has been created!

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