On the Rare dashboard, you can see the quality of your customers. This distinguishes the customers who are spending above average and below average in your store. This is a useful tool to have when deciding who to target with your emails, and what discounts/sales to give to what type of customers. 

How is customer quality calculated?

All customer purchases will have a distribution that looks somewhat like this one. In the middle of the graph is the mean average of revenue per customer. The majority of customers will have a total revenue that falls close to that average with less and less customers that are farther away from that average.

Using this graph as an example the middle line (highest point of the curve) would be your valued customers. This can also be considered the mean or the average amount of money that customers are spending in your store. The medium blue on the left side would be moderate customers. The medium blue on the right side would be great customers. The light blue on the left would be low customers. The light blue on the right would be VIP customers.

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