Marketing automation, such as Drip Campaigns, Autoresponders, Abandoned Cart Notifications etc., are one of the most important ways to initiate recurring purchases and increase additional revenue automatically.

Using’s Automated Series allows you to setup an automated set of emails triggered by customer and ecommerce events.

Examples of Series

  • Welcome Series: Take advantage of the email customers open the most to discover products and personal incentives.
  • Post purchase Follow-up: Send an email after an order was made with relevant information and upsell recommendations.
  • First purchase email: Welcome first time buyers and thank them for choosing your brand for their purchase.
  • Abandoned Cart: Remind customers they left items in their cart and encourage them to complete their order.
  • And more...

Pre-built Series & Marketing Best Practices

If you navigate to the “Automated Series” tab, you can quickly enable an automated series that has been pre-built for you. These have event triggers and default templates based on Marketing Best Practices. You can, of course, also build your own series and set custom event triggers.

Creating an Automated Series

To create your new Automated Series, go into the "Automated Series" tab and select the blue "New" button.

From there, you will see the available presets we provide you. You can gets started by selecting any one of these, or by using the "blank campaign" to customize your own:

First, you are given the opportunity to name your automation and set your trigger:

We provide the following triggers, which can be found under the "set trigger" drop down:

  • New Checkout (Abandoned Cart): Check-out is abandoned after 20 minutes, and left incomplete. 
  • New Order: Customer places an order. Optional add a filter to target their 1st, 2nd or 5th purchases etc.
  • Refunded Order: Order has been refunded to customer, they no longer have an order placed in your store. 
  • New Subscriber: A new user has been added to your mailing list.
  • New Customer: Customer places their 1st purchase in your store.
  • Opt-out: Subscriber unsubscribes from your mailing list
  • Customer Reactivates: A churned/idle customer places order in your store (customer status goes from Idle/churned to active). 
  • Customer Idles: It has been between 6 - 12 months since customer has placed an order.
  • Customer Churns: it has been > 1 year since customer has placed an order

Along with setting a trigger, you will have the ability to add audience filters. By selecting the "None" this series will apply to any customer/prospect who meets the conditions of your set trigger.

If you decide you would like to add a filter to your series, you can select the "filters" radio box, and a conditions dropdown will appear:

You can select from the list of conditions you would like to place on your series. So for example, if you want to send a mailout to those who have purchased a certain product, you can select the "Purchased Products Names" and hand pick which products you would like to select. 

When you are happy with these Series settings, you can hit the "next" button to proceed to the next step of the setup process. 

Building out your mailouts

You will now be in the main page of your series, where you can start to build out your mailouts. Here you will see the title of your series and description. If you wish to change any of these settings, select the pencil button on the right of your series description. 

So right now, you have setup your series, but you have not added any mailouts yet!

Select the "Add Mailout" button to get started!

You are now brought to a page where you can start building your campaign. Enter your desired campaign details like you would for any other campaign (include: Campaign Name, and Subject line):

Select your template. You can choose a previous template you've used for another mailout, or build out a new one:

Select "Next", and "Save and Exit" to return to your Series.

You've now added a mailout to your Series! All you need to do is add your timing to your mailout. You will be brought back to your series settings where you can add this timing delay:

Select the pencil button beside "Timing not set" to add a delay to your mailout.

A box will pop up to set the event that triggers the campaign to send, you can select the delay to be "X" amount of Hours, Days, or Weeks after the series event is triggered. 

Once you update your timing, you will see the setting displayed in your Series campaign:

You can add another mailout to the series by selecting the "Add Mailout" or you can start your series now by selecting the "enable" button to start your series!

Your Series will be displayed in the "Automated Series" where you can see the rest of your series built out:

If you have any further questions about Series, you can reach out to anyone of the support team who will help you.

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