This is a classic Rare feature that allows you to push out an email to all of your customers, or any specific list or segment. It is useful for newsletters, or if you have a flash sale of any kind.

Target Audience

Bulk mailouts can be made to go to any group of customers or prospects. You can make a list of all customers and prospects, or you can send a bulk email to a segment of customer/prospects. By applying the the bulk mailout to the right target audience, this will increase your open, click through and conversion rates simply because you are sending the right email, to the right group of people, at the right time.

Delivery Method

 A cool option for bulk emails is that you can either send it out immediately, or you can send it out to your customers at the best time. This means that it you will email them with your campaign at the same time of day they made their initial purchase; making the probability of them opening and clicking through the email much higher.

Rare Tip: It is important to mix the content up of your emails. Fresh and diverse good looking emails will keep your customers engaged. When mixing up the copy, look at having some mailouts with  maybe 1 product suggestion, 4  product suggestions or even 3 product suggestions. You have the ability the change up the layout, dynamic headings, headers, colours and fonts of your emails. We can help you get started with one of our live demos from our fabulous onboarders! :)

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