From Address:

In Rare You will need an email address on your very own domain, or we cannot send for you (it cannot be gmail, or yahoo, or some 3rd party email address, but your own).

If you need to update your From Name and From Address go to The Setup Wizard under your account and select 4. Configure store settings. Under #2 Email, you will be able to make these changes here.

In the emails you send, the format should look like this for the from field:

Company Name <>


Subject & Preview 

The subject line is the first part of your email anyone is going to see. They will see your email come into their inbox with the subject of your choosing.

The preview text will show below or beside the subject line depending on which email platform your customer is using. 



You can enter merge fields in the subject line but not the preview text, so you can personalize the subject line with the customer's name to add personalization and increase the likelihood that they will open it.


Entering Campaign Details

When making a mailout in Rare, you will be able to set up your mailout's subject line, preview line and then preview what the email will look like in your customer's inbox.

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