There are a couple of different ways to send a test email in Rare. You can either do this within the template builder, or through the campaigns tab. 

1. Template builder

When you are in Rare's template builder, you can preview and send test by selecting the "Preview and File Manager" drop down at the top right of the screen:

From there, you can view between mobile and desktop viewing, and you can select the "Send Test Email" at the bottom right of the screen:

A new window will pop up, where you will be able to set the email the test gets delivered to. You can also have the option to preview as a certain customer:

If you input a customer's email here, all dynamic tags, product recommendations, and coupons will be rendered as this customer. This is a good way to see how a customer will see your email.

NOTE: When you send a test email through the template builder, the email's subject line will be " Template Test" and the sender will be whoever is logged into the account. 

2. Campaigns Page

You can also send a test email from your campaign's page. To do this, select the drop down beside "View Report" within the selected campaign you wish to see the test email of:

You will be prompted with the same settings as before, on who you would like the test email to send to, and the option to preview as customer.

NOTE: This test email will show the subject line and sender's details that were set for that mailout.

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