With coupon codes and coupon groups you can insert one time use coupons into a mailout so that every recipient receives an email that includes a unique single use coupon.

First you will need to create the single use coupons in Shopify and export them into a .csv file. A popular app for this is the Shopify Bulk Discounts app. Click here to go see a guide on how to make a set of bulk discounts.

Once you have exported your single use coupon codes, remove all columns from the exported .csv file except the column that contains the coupon codes and remove the header row.

Then, log into Rare and under your account name, select the Coupons page.

  1. Click on the Import Coupons button (top right-hand corner)
  2. Enter a Coupon Group Name (optional)
  3. Click Upload

NOTE: If you import coupons without entering a Coupon Group Name they will be added to the Ungrouped Coupon Codes group.

Including Coupon Codes in an Email Template

To include a unique coupon code into each mailout, you can select the menu item Get Dynamic Tag and copy/paste this code into an email template. Example:

{% coupon %} - render an ungrouped coupon code
{% coupon my group name %} - render a coupon from the group "my group name"

You can also select the "coupon code" dynamic tag, through the editor in our template builder:

You can also select the "Coupon" Content block to add to your drag and drop builder:

This will add a text block that will refer to the coupon code, and you can edit it to add your coupon group name.

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