For stores that are newer and do not have a lot of orders, in the mailouts you create you may not wish to use product recommendations, and instead, use store products and manually insert the products you want to feature to your customers.



Recommendations work by looking at what someone bought and then compares them to the people similar (that bought the same thing) and unlike them (bought different things) to put in recommendations. If there is nothing to be recommended (for example in this case where no one has ever bought anything on the store yet, or very few people have) and there are recommendations in the email, we won't send the email at all and the test you receive will have blanks where the product recommendations were placed.

In order to manually insert a product that you want featured in your mailout, select the ‘Store Products’ content and drag it into your template: 

From there, you are able to select which product, add the description etc.


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