Double Opt-In

How can marketers really be sure they're not spamming people with unwanted emails without waiting to see if they wind up with a long list of unsubscribes and complaints? How can you ensure that your lists contain ONLY people who actually want to receive your email marketing campaigns and newsletters? Double Opt-In.

Double Opt-In ensures that people who sign up for your newsletter really do want to receive newsletters and/or marketing information from you. This is achieved by sending them an email immediately asking them to confirm that they want to receive marketing content from you. Once they confirm, they are marked as “Mailable” on your list.


Why ask them twice?

It's all about quality vs. quantity. A list of 100 people who want to receive information about your sales and products is infinitely more valuable than a list of 1,000 people who are just going to shuffle your missives into their junk folder.

By getting customers to confirm that they want to be mailed, you're ensuring that only the highest quality of customer makes it onto your contact list. In turn, you can really make the most out of your Campaigns by targeting only those people who are most likely to convert.


How do I enable Double Opt-In?

It's easy! Start by clicking on your Account Name drop-down in the top right hand corner of your page:


Once you're in your account, head over to your Store Settings tab as shown below:


In Store Settings, scroll all the way down to section 5: Subscription/Unsubscribe, and you’ll see that Double Opt-In is the last option in that section:


Click the box and … congratulations! You've enabled Double Opt-In, and you're ready to start collecting those high-quality customers—the ones who can't wait to hear from you!

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