Embedding a Sign-up Form on your site

Customers who have signed up for Mailouts via a standard newsletter will be included in your Prospects Segment, but you can also embed a sign-up form on your webpage to make sure that new signups will land in a specific List. Here’s how:

 NOTE: A signup form can only be connected to a specific LIST, not a Segment.

 Follow these steps for embedding an HTML sign-up form specific to one of your Lists into your webpage:


  1. Go to your Lists tab and either view one of your existing Lists OR create a new List by clicking “New List/Segment”.
  2. Once you're inside the List, click the "Signup Form" tab:


3. Scroll down to the box containing the embed code and copy the entire script. You can see a preview of what the Signup Form will look like just above this box.


4. Log into your blog or store website and, while creating or editing a page, find the button that looks like "< >" or "</>" and click on it to open up the HTML editor. (Note: You may want to create a new page if you're directing people to a specific signup like an alternate newsletter or giveaway page, but don't forget to hook up your navigation to it!)

5. Paste in the code copied from Rare into your HTML editor at the point where you would like the signup form to appear. Anything written above or below the code will still appear on the page above or below the signup box.

6. Save your page, and voila! You have successfully embedded a signup form.


If you want to connect your already existing newsletter box to Rare click here.

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