Predictive Content (Recommended Products)

The ability to recommend and upsell products to your prospective customers while you have their complete attention can take your email Campaign to the next level. Rare’s Predictive Content capabilities make it effortless for you to do so.

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What does ‘Predictive Content’ mean?

Understanding Dynamic Code

When to Recommend Products

Adding Recommended Products to a Template


What Does “Predictive Content” Mean?

‘Predictive’ means that we interpret data about your customers to make accurate predictions about what kind of content they are most likely to want to see. Predictive Content helps you to avoid the headache and hassle of making targeted product recommendations individually for each and every customer on your Mailout distribution list.  

Rare collects data about your customers’ shopping habits based on what they purchased, when they purchased it, what other products they purchased with it, and how many other people purchased similar items together. We then interpret and consolidate that data to make informed predictions about the most popular items in your store right now, which products are trending, and which products tend to go well together, as well as what your customers will most likely want to see based on their previous shopping history. 


Understanding Dynamic Code


These product-related Dynamic Tags can be used to fill in information from our database for inclusion in Mailouts to your customers. Because Dynamic Tags are populated according to each customer’s specific preferences and shopping history, each one might produce totally different results.

{{ }} - populates with the product name.

{{ products.description }} - inserts a short description of the product (if a description is included in Shopify).

{{ products.price }} - populates the price for this product as pulled from your e-commerce price. It will also find the picture of the product from your store and fill that in as well.


NOTE: If there is no corresponding information for a specific Dynamic Tag, the field will be left blank. Customers will never see the Dynamic Code as it displays in the preview.


When to Recommend Products 

You won’t always want to use Predictive Content to recommend products. Sometimes you’ll want to show only a specific product or a specific group of products, and that’s fine. Predictive content tends to be most useful for the following applications:

  • Abandoned Cart emails
  • Order Follow-Up emails
  • Refill Reminder emails
  • Customer Win-Back emails
  • Emails you routinely send out to touch base with customers

By using Predictive Content to recommend products that complement a customer’s previous purchase, or to inform them of related products they might be interested in, you are adding a highly personal touch to your Campaign that can be very effective for enticing them into your shop.


Adding Recommended Products to a Template

It’s easy to add Predictive Content to your emails and start recommending products to your customers: Open a new or existing Template and simply drag and drop!


To learn how to add other elements to your Templates, check out our Template Builder guide!

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