Adding Coupons

Adding a coupon or discount code to your Mailout is another great strategy for enticing shoppers to buy immediately. A time-limited coupon included right in the email gives the recipient the impression that the special offer is available exclusively for them, and is a proven way to improve click-throughs.

In this document you will find:

Creating Coupon Codes

Importing Coupon Codes

Adding Coupons to Your Template


Creating Coupon Codes 

Shopify Merchants: The ‘Bulk Discounts’ app available from the Shopify App store can be used to create hundreds or even thousands of one-time-use coupons. If you haven’t already downloaded it, do it now!

Once you’ve used the Bulk Discounts app to create your coupons, you’ll need to export the coupons to a CSV file for upload. Follow the screenshots below to get your export:


Enter your email, hit "Export", and a .zip file will be emailed to you in a few minutes. Open the .zip file to see your CSVs. 

BigCommerce Merchants: If you haven’t already downloaded BigCommerce’s free app, ‘Coupon Manager’, for bulk coupon creation and export, head to the BigCommerce app store and do that now.

Creating the coupons will take a few moments, and then you’ll be directed to the “Your Imports” page where you can see your export queued and waiting to load. You can refresh the page at any time for an accurate update on how far along in the process you are.

Once it’s finished loading, you should see this:


Click the download button to export the CSV file with your bulk coupons!


Importing Coupon Codes

Once your bulk coupon codes have been downloaded in a CSV file, you will have to open the file and make a few edits.

  1. Remove the header row. Our CSV importer won’t recognize headers of any kind.
  2. Delete all the columns except the column containing your coupon codes.

Ideally your CSV should contain only one column and no headers and look something like this:


 Once you have edited your CSV to contain no header row and just one column of coupon codes, you can head over to your Rare Dashboard and click your Account Name drop-down in the upper right hand corner.


 Find Coupons in the drop-down and click on it to be taken to the Coupons page!


NOTE: If you import coupons without first specifying a Coupon Group Name, they will be added to the Ungrouped Coupon Codes group.


The upload may take several minutes depending on the size. You will be emailed when the import is finished and then you should see something like this:



Adding Coupons to Your Template

 To include a unique coupon code within each Mailout, you can copy/paste these codes into an email Template:

 {% coupon %} - This will render a coupon from the “ungrouped coupon” or unnamed group.

{% coupon my group name %} – This will render a coupon from a specific group of named coupons; simply add the name of the group you want to draw from.

 You can also select the "coupon code" Dynamic Tag through the editor in our Template builder, like this:


You can also select the "Coupon" content block to add to your drag-and-drop builder like this:


By dragging and dropping the coupon box into your Template you can access the coupons you’ve just uploaded, or double-click the coupon box icon to select a specific coupon group!

To learn more about CSVs and CSV format click below!

CSV Formats

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