Connecting your Newsletter Box to Rare

NOTE: These instructions are strictly for Shopify stores. If you are a BigCommerce client, please reach out to their support team for instructions on how to connect your newsletter to Rare.

Every Shopify theme includes a Newsletter Sign-up box in its footer. You may have noticed it in your store and wondered what it connects to or how to make use of it. These instructions will tell you how to connect that Newsletter box in your footer to your Rare account so that new prospects and signups will instantly be added to your Prospects Segment.

We’ll start by opening the Account Name drop-down on the right hand side of the screen and clicking "Contacts".


On the Contacts page, find the tab that says “Signup Form” and click it.


On the left hand side of the page is a button that says “Copy Link”. Clicking it will copy your Rare Form Action URL to your clipboard, ready to be pasted into your Shopify theme. 


The next step is to access your Shopify Theme Editor and find the section that controls the Newsletter.

In some themes, this section will be found in the Footer, but in other themes it might be in a separate section simply called “Newsletter”. If you’re not sure where the Newsletter section can be found on your theme, Shopify support can assist you. 

Next, find the “Form Action URL” box. Some themes might refer to this as the “MailChimp Form Action URL”. Either way, it’s the same thing, and should look something like this: 


Paste the link you copied into this box, save it, and you’re done. Congratulations! New signups will now be added directly to your Prospects Segment ready to be emailed from Rare.

NOTE: Some Shopify "Sectioned" themes do not have a place for a form action URL. If you have a "Sectioned" theme please contact support for help!

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