Campaigns vs. Automated Series

If you’ve been doing some research into email marketing, you might have come across the terms ‘campaign’ and ‘auto series’. But these terms can be confusing … aren’t some campaigns automatic? There’s a lot of marketing terminology floating around out there, so this doc will help you understand what these terms mean for the purposes of using Rare.

 In this document you’ll find:

What is a Campaign?

What is an Automatic Series?

Which one should you use?  


What is an Email Campaign?

Simply speaking, an email Campaign is any Mailout that you send out manually. Campaigns can include email blasts for sales, newsletters, contest information, store updates, or any time-sensitive content that should go out at a certain time for maximum effect.

Campaigns can be scheduled to go out at a specific time, or they can be sent on a ‘predictive’ schedule. Predictive Delivery schedules your Mailouts to go out at a certain time, based on Rare’s ability to predict the time when the most people are likely to be online to read them.

To learn more about Predictive Delivery click here.


What is an Automated Series?

An Automated Series is, as the name implies, a series of emails set to go out automatically whenever certain conditions are met—for instance, when a customer buys one of your products.

Automated Series can be configured creatively and flexibly, meaning that it might be hours, days or even months before the criteria you’ve specified triggers their distribution. You can also set up several emails to send out within a single series in order to drip feed information, updates or sales pitches over a longer period of time than a Campaign.

And—just like the name says—it’s all done automatically!


Which one should you use?

An email Campaign is usually a one-time send that includes brand new information. This makes the Campaign format perfect for things like:

Flash Sales: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, inventory overstock, etc.

Regular Sales: BOGO, collection sales, change of stock season etc.

Newsletters: Product and store updates, news, blog articles etc.

Contests: Giveaways, draws, updates on winners etc.

Personalized Offers: Segmented deals per country, birthday deals, cohort recapturing etc.

Customer Win-Back: Targeted idle/churned segments with special sales

A good understanding of all the potential benefits and uses of an automated series can really strengthen your email marketing efforts, and having even just a few automatic ones set up will allow you to capture things like:

Welcome Series: Welcome your new subscribers.

New Order Drips: Thank customers for their orders and re-target them over weeks or months with similar products, feedback requests, upsells and offers.

Abandoned Carts: Reach out to abandoners and retarget them with subsequent reminders.

Feedback Requests: Find out what customers think about your product by offering them a coupon for providing feedback!

Product Refill/Renewal: Target customers who have bought specific products and remind them to re-buy when they’re close to running out.

These are just a few of the amazing things you can do with Campaigns and Auto Series!


Now let’s get started! Click below to learn how to start creating Campaigns and Auto Series.

Creating a Campaign

Creating an Automated Series

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