The Product Page

Your Product Page in Rare is where you can find the total list of your products as synced from your Ecommerce Platform. The synced information can include product images, prices, SKUs, and links to the product pages displayed on your store.

To view your Product Page, open your Account Name drop-down and click on Products.

In this document you'll find:

Finding your Products Page

Product Preferences


Finding your Products Page


On your main page, look to the Account Name Drop-down on the right hand side of the screen and click the down arrow to find Products in the menu.


Product Preferences

On this page, you also have the opportunity to select and/or edit which products are recommended by our Predictive Content engine.

To prevent a product from being recommended, click on the “Edit Product” button and toggle the “NO/YES” buttons.


To enable/disable predictive recommendation for more than one product at a time, simply click the checkbox next to the product names and then click the “EDIT” button at the top of the screen. To edit all of your products, select them all by clicking the checkbox next to the “EDIT” button.


Products that are not eligible to be recommended will appear with a red notice beside them, like this:



To learn more about products click below!

Predictive Content

Creating a Template

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