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There are many different ways you can choose to view your contacts. You can see your different Lists and Segments by clicking on the Lists tab at the top of your page, but if you’re looking for the complete list of all your contacts, or you want to unsubscribe specific emails, you’re looking for the Contacts Page.

What you’ll find in this document:

Finding the Contacts Page

Manage Contacts

Unsubscribe vs. Remove


Finding the Contacts Page

To get to your Contacts Page, click on your Account Name drop-down and select Contacts from the list.


When the Contacts Page loads, you will see a list of all your available subscribers within the Rare platform.


Manage Contacts

Beneath the word “Contacts” are two tabs: Manage Contacts, and Signup Form. Clicking the Manage Contacts drop-down will display this menu:


By selecting from these options, you can add a single contact to this list, add multiple contacts to the list via CSV import, unsubscribe an entire comma-separated list of contacts, export the entire list of contacts, or exit the menu to go back to the View Contacts page.

To learn more about importing contacts through CSV click here.

The Signup Form tab can be used either for embedding a signup form or copying your form action url for a newsletter signup.


Unsubscribe vs. Remove

Beneath the top tabs are two buttons: Remove and Unsubscribe. One of the most common questions we hear is “what’s the difference?”

Removing a contact takes them off of all current Lists and Segments so that they are no longer available to receive any Mailouts.  

Unsubscribing a contact removes them from your mailable list of contacts by marking them as ‘unsubscribed’ from all future Mailouts, but doesn’t actually remove them from any lists.

NOTE: For Prospect customers (those who have never purchased anything from you) there is only the option to remove them from your list.


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