MailChimp Integration


This integration allows for all your MailChimp contacts and lists to flow over and be assimilated into your Rare lists. This is a one-way sync: Rare brings in the contacts, but doesn't send anything back to MailChimp.

NOTE: This feature facilitates a one-time sync of all contacts—NOT a continuous sync. Any future contacts added to MailChimp will need to be imported to Rare via a new manual sync.


Connecting MailChimp to Rare

Step 1:

Go to your MailChimp account dashboard, select your username, and then go to your Account:



Step 2:

Select Extras, and then API keys:


Step 3:

Click the “Create a Key” button to generate a new API key, and then copy it to your clipboard (you will need to input this API key into Rare for the integration).


Step 4:

Log in to your Rare Account. Under your Account Name drop-down, click Account and select the "Integrations" tab. You can add and manage all your Integrations from this page.

Next, select the “ADD INTEGRATION” button:


A pop-up box will appear, asking you to select the service you need to connect.


Select MailChimp as your ‘service to connect’.

Paste the API key you copied from your MailChimp account into the API Key box as shown above, and click SAVE.


Once you’ve saved, the data will begin importing, a process that usually takes five to ten minutes depending on the size of your contact list.

Once the import is finished, your MailChimp contacts will be displayed in your All Prospects List.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated your MailChimp contacts into Rare!


To learn how to perform any other integrations click here.

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