Justuno Integration


Justuno is a useful option for growing your contact list. It provides beautiful popups to capture emails for all occasions, including welcoming new customers, running contests, engaging returning customers, and much more! And now Rare has a direct integration with them!

With this integration, all incoming emails collected through Justuno are delivered directly to your Rare All Prospects List.

NOTE: his is a one-way sync: Rare brings in the contacts, but doesn't send anything back to Justuno

Connecting Justuno to Rare

Step 1: Open up your Account Name drop-down and click on “Account”. Once there, click the “Store Settings” tab.

Right click and copy the name of your store as it appears in the “Company” box under Store Details.


Step 2: Log in to your Justuno account and click the "Promotions" button at the top of the page and then select "Edit Integrations" next to your desired promotion.


Step 3: On the "App Integration" tab, locate and click on the Rare.io "Connect" button to open up the configuration options.

Step 4: Paste in your store name that you copied in Step 1 and click “Save”.


Congratulations! Your Justuno promotion contacts will be automatically synced to Rare.


To learn more about Integrations click here.

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