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Your account contains information that's specific to you and your business, it includes your billing information, your app preferences and any additional users that you've added to the Rare platform.

In this document you will find:

Finding your Account information



Store Settings




Finding your Account Information

To access or change your account information, just click your Account Name drop-down menu in the right hand corner of the Rare platform.


On your Account page  you will see five tabs: Profile, Integrations, Store Settings, Users and Billing.




The profile section allows you to change your password and/or the email address that we can reach you at.



If you have streams of contacts flowing in from external sources, these can be managed here.


Click here for a complete list of all the integrations we currently support.


Store Settings


This page is where you can edit the details of your account and set your preferences:

  1. Store details include your Account name with Rare, the domain linked to your store, and the currency you’re currently operating in.
  2. Email preferences let you change the name and email that show up by default in your Campaigns. You can also select your current time zone here.
  3. Identity preferences allow you to change the physical address added to your footer information.* You can also edit your social media links here to make adding social media icons to your Templates a snap.

NOTE: By law, all promotional emails must contain your company’s valid physical postal address.

  1. Product preferences allow you to ignore “out of stock” indications and suggest products that may be out of stock in your store.
  2. Subscribe/Unsubscribe preferences allow you to enter a URL directing readers to your subscribe/unsubscribe page for a more personalized feel.
  3. You can also select Double Opt-In in this section. To learn more about Double Opt-In, click here.
  4. The Affiliate Code box is where you can enter your Affiliate code.
  5. Conversion Option preferences allow you to specify how many days to include in your conversion period.

The conversion period tells Rare how long to track sales on your site and count them towards your most recent Campaign’s revenue.




The users section is where you can manage user and staff accounts on your account. To learn more about adding users click here.




The billing page is where you can see your subscription status, your next subscription fee estimate, and any previous charges made to your account.

To learn more about Billing you can click here.


Click below to learn more about any of the following topics:


The Product Page

Double Opt-In

Adding Users


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