The amount you are billed by Rare is based on a calculation of the cost of storing your contact List as well as all the information associated with your contacts that’s been synced from your Ecommerce Platform.

Examples of the information that we store are: your entire product catalogue, your complete order history and historical shopping data for all the customers on your List.

Having access to all of this synced information allows you to pick and choose which products to promote in your Campaigns, to suggest certain products for individual customers, and to refer to customers personally by name in your Mailouts. Analyzing this information also allows us to accurately predict when customers are most likely to open your emails.

To learn more about how your historical shopping data is used to optimize Mailouts, you can read about our Predictive Content and Predictive Delivery functionality.

What you’ll find in this document:

Your Subscription Status

Subscription Estimate



Your Subscription Status

Clicking on your Account Name drop-down > Account > Billing, brings you to your billing information page. The first box on this page displays your subscription status, where you can see whether or not your account is currently Active, what your current plan is, when your next billing date is scheduled, and how you are currently being charged.

For Shopify Merchants: Your account fee will be charged automatically by Shopify every 30 days from the date of your initial Shopify signup.

For BigCommerce Merchants: Your account fee will be charged every 30 days to the credit card information on file with Rare.


Next Subscription Estimate

Our pricing tiers increase for every 10,000 contacts you have in your store and their associated shopping and Ecommerce data. For this reason, this section always displays an accurate count of the current contacts your account.

Rare will never surprise you with a larger charge. Whenever you reach a new tier, your account is paused to give you the opportunity to review the new billing information and confirm the charges.


Can’t I just delete my contacts and pay less?

Rare is not currently configured to give you the option to mass-delete your contacts. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Due to the nature of our integration with Shopify/BigCommerce, we keep your contact information on a continuous sync cycle. Even if they were to be deleted, contacts within your Ecommerce Platform would eventually sync back in to Rare.
  2. The features of our platform rely on interpreting all of your customer data (the more the better) and even if you're not actively emailing all of them, Rare depends on interpreting the big picture provided by your data to help you send more effective Campaigns to your active contacts. Our platform also tracks customer data over long periods to gain insights such as what times of year response drops off, how much churn you've had over time, your least popular products, and more.

Customer data is more valuable than most people realize, and the ability to access and analyze older or even historical data can give you a serious edge over your competition. Allowing you to delete your contact information would not only compromise the effectiveness of our Predictive capabilities, but it would also deprive Rare and your business of future opportunities to learn from this data.



All charges made to your account or to your credit card are displayed in this section. You can see all the previous charges as well as any pending charges that require confirmation.

Any changes to your billing plan require your confirmation of the charge before we can upgrade you to a new paying or higher plan account.


You will only need to provide your approval once per plan upgrade. Subsequent charges of the same recurring amount will be automatic.


Other questions? Confused about any of the above? Contact support for any help regarding billing.

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