What is Customer Status?

As we mentioned in previous docs, customers in your contact list can be segmented in a variety of ways: by things they have in common, by the amount of money they spend in your store, or by their level of activity in your store. Customer Status is our categorization of customers by activity and we have three names for them:

Active customers are those that have purchased from you within the last six months (180 days).

Idle customers are those that have not purchased anything in the last six months to one year (180-365 days).

Churned customers are those that have not purchased within the last year (365 days) or more.

These activity categorizations can help you create powerful marketing strategies targeted to specific groups, such as:

  •  Create a Win-back Campaign for Churned customers who haven’t been active in over a year and offer them something of real value to entice them back.
  • A Campaign targeted to your Active customer base is most likely to yield positive results, as these are the people who are already actively engaged in your brand!

Treating your contact list members as one faceless mass is the OLD way to email market. Your customers are all different, and approaching them with a thorough understanding of their differences is the key to really successful email marketing


To learn more about Categorizations or Segments, click below:

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