Segmenting by Read Status (Mailout Segmentation)

One of the most popular questions we get in support is “How do I create a list of the people who didn’t open my last email?”

The data collected on your contacts after a Campaign or Automated Series goes out can be extremely valuable (to read more about understanding your Reports click here), but only to the extent that you know what to do with it.

In this document we’re going to talk about how to create segments from a pool of mailout recipients!

In this document you will find:

How to Segment by Mailout

Types of Segmentation by Mailout

Retargeting Campaigns


How to Segment by Mailout

The first step is to navigate to your ‘Campaigns’ tab at the top of your screen and open up your collection of recent Mailouts.

Each of these Mailouts is associated with the group of customers it was sent to. Some of these customers opened the email, some of them converted, and still others neither opened nor read it.

To create a Segment, click the down arrow to the right of “View Report” and then select “Create Segment” from the drop-down menu.


Once you’ve clicked “Create Segment” a window will pop up asking for more specifics on your segment.


Types of Segmentation by Mailout


The conditions that you can create a segment around can be specified according to

Recipients (Subscribers) who HAVE or HAVE NOT:

  • opened the Campaign,
  • clicked on the Campaign once opened, or
  • converted from the Campaign.

Using these criteria, you can create lists of people who received but never opened your last Mailout to re-target them with offers they might find more appealing, or lists of people who DID convert off your last Campaign to thank them and/or send them a coupon for their next purchase.


Retargeting Campaigns

Primarily, customer segmentation by Mailout is used for one (very good) reason:

Customer Retargeting.

Once you’ve created your segment, you can retarget particular customers based on what you know. They didn’t open the email? Send them something they might find more appealing, or invite them to unsubscribe from your Mailouts if they’re not interested anymore. This will reduce the number of ‘complaints’ you receive as a result of recipients directing your unwanted mail to their junk folders.

You can also use this as an opportunity to reward loyal purchasers with a free gift or a coupon towards their next purchase. Or re-target everyone who opened your previous message but never converted. What threw them off? Try again!

The true power of email marketing lies in understanding who your customers are, why they do and don’t convert, and reaching out to them on their level to reward them for being loyal or to remind them that you exist if they’re slipping away. Understanding how to interpret and respond based on the data available to you puts you squarely in the driver's seat to success!

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