Understanding your Emailable Dashboard

If you’ve logged into your Emailable account you should now be looking at our Dashboard!


This page is where you can see an overview of everything going on in your account, from how many emails you’ve verified, how many ‘bad’ emails were found and how many emails you still have left to verify. 

By toggling the buttons up top you can change what time period this overview shows you, whether you want to see today’s numbers, the week’s numbers, the numbers for the month or your overall verification statistics from the day you signed up, until right now.

The verification activity graph is there to give you a brief idea of your account activity and shows you

Above and to the far right of the graph is the Verify button

Clicking this will take you to the Verify page where you can begin to upload contacts and start verifying your list! Click here to learn more about verifying your email list.

To the left is the site navigation.


Below Dashboard and Verify are links that will take you to your Emails page, your Interactions page your Automation preferences and our API quick-start and keys.

To learn more about any of these pages simply click on their links below.

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