The Emails Page

This page is where you can see all the emails you’ve ever uploaded, their status, and find out a little bit more information on why the email was marked as ‘undeliverable’. You can even sort by status to find only the people on your lists who are deliverable, undeliverable or might be ‘risky’ sends.

Use the filter bars at the top to choose from all your lists, or specific ones, all statuses or specific ones, or even by a specific email to find exactly what you want to know about your emails.


It will also show you which emails haven’t been verified yet so that you can go through and verify any remaining lists you might have!

This email we tested earlier shows as undeliverable and rightly so - the domain was invalid!


To learn more about uploading lists for verification click here to look at our doc on Verifying.

You can also download these lists. This is useful for finding all of your verified emails in one place so they can be dowloaded into a CSV for easy upload to whatever email marketing platform you use! Simpily click the "Download" button at the bottom of your filtered list.

If you don't have an email marketing platform, check out our other app for easy to use templates for campaigns and automated emails.

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