Automating Emailable

We've shown you how to verify your emails one at a time, and bulk manually, but what if you don't have time? Emailable makes it possible to keep all this automated so that emails coming into your e-commerce platform are all verified emails, as well as automatically re-verifying your lists on a monthly basis to keep you up to date!

Think about that! Over a year 30% of your emails could go stale! So having Emailable on automation will make sure that those emails aren’t in your lists when they go stale, protecting your brand reputation and deliverability rates.

How to Turn On Automation:

You have two options when it comes to Automation.

  1. Verify  all emails coming in through either an integration, OR through Manual CSV upload. This will verify EVERYTHING that comes in no matter the source.
  2. Your second option is to only verify specific lists after you have integrated an ESP or an e-commerce platform. 

Option 1: Getting to the Automation page from the dashboard


Click on the Automations button from the left hand side of your navigation bar on the Dashboard. From there you will be presented with two options to turn on the automation for List Re-verification and Bounce Prevention.

List Re-verification:

By turning this on, your email lists are re-verified every 30 days to catch emails that have become inactive or stale

Bounce Prevention:

Your email lists are automatically synchronized between your different marketing tools. Undeliverable email addresses are instantly unsubscribed from further marketing activities. No need for manual import and export!

NOTE: Emailabe highly recommends that you turn on automation for all your lists. 



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