Profile & Notifications

This page is for your personal information and offers a space for you to update your notifications and change your password or email.

Any information entered in here is not shared and is for our information only. 


Here you can choose to enter your name and your organization’s name.

Changing your password will require your old password before the change will take effect but this can be found in the second box down on the profile page.

Changing your notifications

Your notification options are below the email and password box and includes the following options:


By clicking the “send me news and updates” box you’re going to get updates about your verifications in app, updates about your email lists and news from us about the platform.

The second option allows us to email you when your lists are finished verifying. With large lists that may take longer, opting to be notified by email when they’re done frees you up to do something else, safe in the knowledge that we’ll let you know when it’s done.

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