All of our accounts come with an initial 250 free verifications. This allows you to try out the system, and get a small list of 250 contacts verified before you decide a monthly subscription with us is right. 

Maybe a monthly subscription isn’t right for your business. It won’t be for everyone. If you only need a few verifications at a time we have ‘pay as you go’ options, allowing you to buy more verifications for lists as you go!

If you’re not sure which payment option is right for you or your business take a look at a plan comparison by clicking on either “Purchase verifications” or “change subscription”.

Both buttons will bring you here:


By selecting options from the drop down menu you can choose to either buy verifications for one time use, or sign up for a monthly plan to allow those verifications to reset at the beginning of each new month. 

Still not sure? Ask yourself these questions:

Are you a small business that has a strong or loyal customer base? Are you just starting out and only have only a few customers right now? Are you looking to verify a list you got for an event?

Pay as you go might be right for you. 

If you’re a large business with lots of new incoming contacts, an organization that collects a lot of emails regularly like a political party or charitable organization, or a group that’s buying contact lists, you may want the monthly package for better value and guaranteed verifications without having to worry about buying more.

Below the plan information on your billing page is a history of your transactions with us, and your credit card and billing address information.

To change your billing address simply click on the "Billing Address" tab. To change your method of Payment, again - click the "Payment Method" tab to add or change a credit card.

NOTE: At this time we only accept credit cards for billing.

Shopify Billing

If you’ve signed up for emailable through Shopify then your billing will be handled through their platform on their 30 day cycle. Once you enter your details with Shopify they will take care of the rest!

Confused about billing? Not sure what you’re paying for? Give us a shout! 

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