MailChimp Integration

Setting up an integration with your Mailchimp account will allow for verification of all email lists in your Mailchimp database. Get more out of your email marketing campaigns by making sure your emails are verified and maintained automatically!

Integrating Mailchimp via the "Verify Page" 

Within your Emailable account navigate to the Verify page.


Part way down the page, click on the green Add Integration button.


Select Mailchimp from the list of available integrations

A window will appear asking you to enter your Mailchimp Account, and then your Mailchimp log-in credentials. Confirm Emailable's access by entering your MailChimp credentials. 

Once authorized, you will see your MailChimp contact lists appear in the window. Select which lists you want imported into Emailable. 

Verifying a Mailchimp List 
Once the integration is set up, and you have chosen which MailChimp email lists you want imported to Emailable, you will see the list show up in the interface, as well as the "Start List" button at the right. Click on that to start the verification.

After a couple of minutes you will get a notification when the verification is done. From there you will be able to see the results of that list right from the dashboard. See how many emails were considered "Deliverable" and "Undeliverable".


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated your MailChimp Email list with Emailable. From there all new emails that you collect through your store will be verified and maintained. 

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