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If you've just started creating your template you might be wondering what some of these boxes are for! This document is going to go through the basic functionality of each content block available to you in the template builder.


To reiterate slightly from the Creating a Template doc, there are two tabs right at the top: Content and Design.

Content is responsible for what is seen, i.e. picture, text, links, etc.

Design is responsible for how it’s seen, i.e. bigger, smaller, different colours, font, etc.


What are the Content Blocks?

contentblocks.png The Text box allows you to insert text into your template. This includes headers, paragraph or body text. This box is all about letting you say what you've got to say!
contentblocks1.png This "Boxed" text box is the same as a normal text box, with one exception, this will surround your text in a greyed (or any other colour you choose) box to differentiate it from other text on your page if you wish.
Contentblocks2.png You can use this box to insert a solid, dashed or dotted line into your template to break up your thoughts or sections.
contentblocks3.png The image box allows you to insert an image into your template. To learn more about how to upload an image check out the doc on adding images to your template.
contentblocks4.png This box is great for Newsletter templates, as it allows you to add both an image, and text side by side, giving your template the feeling of a trendy magazine.
contentblocks5.png This will auto-generate a button for you that can do anything from lead customers back to your website, to send them directly to the checkout! The possibilities are endless. Customize your button in the "Design" tab to change the colour, shape and font.
contentblocks6.png This box allows you to drag and drop any dynamic coupon codes you have stored in your Coupons section. You can bring in a single coupon - or a group!
contentblocks7.png This button allows you to add a link to a video in your template. It will show the video thumbnail and allow customers to click on it to go to the video.
NOTE: Due to email service provider restrictions, videos cannot be played within an email and must therefore only LINK to videos.
contentblocks8.png This box can be dragged into an area where you want some custom HTML to be and will only reflect what's placed in there if the HTML is formatted properly.
contentblocks9.png This box allows you to add a navigation menu to your template and can link up to 10 menu items! Great for directing people to your store or products.

The Footer box drags and drops script into the bottom of your template that includes your store name, address, the date, and a link to unsubscribe from emails. 
NOTE: Recent spamming regulations require an unsubscribe link to be present in all marketing materials

contentblocks12.png The recommended products box uses Predictive Content Code to recommend up to 3 products from your store based on popularity, and customer shopping history. With the recommended products box you don't need to choose anything, we do that for you.
contentblocks13.png If you DO want to select which products customers are seeing however, the Store Products box is for you. This allows you to drag and drop specific products into your template and lets you select which ones you want from a drop down menu.


To learn more about templates click below:

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