Getting Started

So you've just signed up with Rare - what now? Let's run over a few things you'll see immediately.


Once you've made it through our slideshow the first thing at the top of your new dashboard page is this:


Your store data including contacts and shopping history is being loaded into the backend now - this might take a few minutes to finish, so don't worry, it'll all wind up in there! In the meantime, you can get started immediately on starting your Email Marketing journey!


Send A Campaign will take you to the Campaigns tab where we have already created two almost ready-to-go Templates to generate some instant revenue: Idle Customer winback and Churned customer winback.

These pre-made Templates are battle tested and designed to bring your old customers back into the fold! Just update them with your logo and you're good to go!

Setup Automation will take you to the Automated Series tab where you will find more of our already created Templates to get you started! We've selected the three most popular (and lucrative) automated series: Customer Winback, Abandoned Cart and the Welcome Series.

These pre-made Templates are set up to send automatically when someone meets the conditions necessary to trigger them. In this case, when a customer goes Idle, when a customer abandons a checkout or when they signup with their email to receive your newsletter!

VIP Setup will bring up a pop-up where you can select an appointment time with one of our Success Managers!


To learn more click any of the links below!

Understanding your Dashboard

Creating a Template

Campaigns vs. Automated Series


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