The Reports Page

This page is here to give you more information than the dashboard can provide in terms of your campaign and series activity. 

The graphs and lists should be familiar to you - the first is the a graph of your activity over a given time period (selected from the date picker above). This tells you about your opens, clicks and conversions.

Opens are how many times your Mailout was opened.

Clicks are how many times your Mailout was opened, and clicked on.

Conversions are how many times your Mailout was opened, clicked on and then an item was purchased.


Using the Date Picker boxes above the Activity Timeline you can select a more precise range to view your activity and get trends on whether or not more or less people are opening, clicking or converting from your Mailouts.

Below that is a list of all your campaigns and automated series in order and their corresponding statistics including: Revenue earned, emails sent, how many were opened and how many were clicked on.



To learn more about your statistics click below:

Understanding your Dashboard

Understanding your Campaign Reports

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