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How does billing work

How do we charge your card

Where to find the billing section

Charge warnings and pricing tiers

How does it work?

One of the first questions people always asked when given the ‘one-stop-shop all-in-one’ solution for their marketing is “how much is this going to cost me?”. We’re so confident that we know what we’re doing that the answer to that question is simple: It only costs if you’re making money.

Our pricing tiers are based on how much money you make with Shophero. With each message you send with us, we can track incoming revenue and attribute it to your marketing with Shophero - this number can be seen in your main [Dashboard].

If you’re making less than $100 a month using our app, we don’t charge you for it - simple.

To get a more in depth understanding of our [Pricing Tiers] click [here].

How do we charge?

How we charge depends on the Ecommerce platform you're using, find yours on the list to learn more.

Shopify - Like all Shopify apps you’ll be billed for Shophero on your 30-day cycle Shopify bill. To see your invoices check your Shopify Account settings for a record of charges.

BigCommerce & Ecwid - Entering your credit card information to our [Billing Section] allows our Payment Processing partner Stripe to pre-authorize your card for monthly charges. We will email you invoices from Stripe for a record of your bills.

No matter what platform you’re with however we always get YOUR confirmation before billing you for anything.

Where is my billing section?

If you're looking at your Shophero app click on your account name button in the top right corner to activate a drop down menu. Billing is the second option down.


In this section you can see your transaction history and full list of charges and if you're a BigCommerce or Ecwid client you can click on "Payment Method" to add your credit card to the account!

When do we charge?

Shophero will always notify you before you reach a paid or increased tier. When you're 70% of the way towards the next pricing tier we'll send you a notification asking you to confirm a pre-authorization. YOU ARE NOT CHARGED. This pre-auth only certifies that when you do reach the next pricing tier, we can charge you immediately so your account never goes delinquent.

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