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Whether you’re a big company or a single person startup, we know you don’t have time to dedicate to becoming an email marketing specialist. You’re either doing everything yourself, or overseeing a team you’ve hired to mind the smaller details for you.

Email marketing is a more complex, nuanced topic than most of us give it credit for and unless you’re willing to hold off until later to make money because you want to learn this first, you’re like most entrepreneurs - in need of a better solution.

Shophero is your very own email marketing specialist.



Automated marketing made easy!

Shophero comes pre-loaded with every automation a store needs:

Abandoned Cart Series
Birthday Campaigns
First Purchase Thank-yous
New Subscriber Welcome
Order Receipts
Order Shipping Notices
Product Feedback Series
VIP Customer Outreach
Churned Customer Winback and
Idle Customer Winback

All of these can be turned on or off at will and come pre-customized with your logo, personalized product recommendations per customer, social media links and unsubscribe link. 

Auto-pilot Newsletters

Wanting to keep your customers in the loop with new products and recommendations? Not to worry - with [Product Recommendation Campaigns], you just give us the basics and we'll schedule regular newsletters to go out advertising your collections!

Include Custom Discounts

Got a promotion going in your store? Enter your active coupon and discount codes in your [settings] to have them included in your outgoing promotions!

Sit back and make money

Once Shophero is set up - sit back and watch the revenue roll in. Shophero is your ultimate solution for the "don't wanna think about it" marketer. Now you can relax and focus on what you're great at - being kick-butt merchant!

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