Shophero Frequently Asked Questions

What can I edit?
Our philosophy is worry less, do more. With our templates, you don't need to be a copy genius, keep the templates as is, or change them, but you'll never get overwhelmed. You can edit the subject of the email, the preview text, the email text, button text and any pictures.

How do I edit the pre-created templates?
While in the Smart Campaigns or Autopilot newsletter page click on the campaign you want to edit and click the “edit” button on the series you want to edit.

Why can’t I edit more?
Our battle-tested templates are created using the latest strategies and marketing best practices to keep your customers engaged in the buying cycle. While we recommend you add your logo and personal touches to each email, the majority of the content is already tailored to your industry and requires no editing to reach maximum effectiveness. If more control is what you’re after, take a look at our sister app Rare for the more hands on design experience.

How do I turn off products from being recommended?
To stop products from being recommended in your newsletters and campaigns, you'll start by creating a collection on your e-commerce platform for products you don’t want recommended. Once that's done head over to your Settings tab and click "Product Rules" to choose that collection from the list.

How do I preview my email before sending?
Head over to your smart campaigns or newsletter, click ‘edit’ on the template you want to preview and when you get to the series you want to preview click the “preview” button.

How do I send a test email?
In your smart campaign or newsletter tab, click ‘edit’ on the template you want to test and scroll down to the series you want to preview, click “Send test” next to the preview button. Enter your email in the pop-up box and click send!

How do I collect emails/contacts?
Collecting emails is one of the most important steps in email marketing, and most stores do this by offering discounts and incentives to sign up for your newsletter. You can also collect emails through abandoned and completed checkouts provided they’ve opted in to receive marketing materials from you.

Where do I see my total revenue made?
You can see the total revenue you've made through Shophero by looking at the [Dashboard] to see the reports for total revenue, or specific dates using the date picker!

How do I upload my own pictures?
While in the editing page of a template, if the template contains a photo image you can change it by clicking the 'upload' button beneath it to substitute it with your own.

Where can I connect my social media?
Click on the "settings" tab at the top of the page and click "Email Template". Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your social media details. These details will be automatically added to all of your templates and emails going forward.

How do I upload more contacts?
By clicking your account name drop down button in the upper right corner you'll see a drop down menu. Click "Contacts" to be taken to the Contact page. From here click the button that reads "Import Contacts" to upload a CSV of your contacts to add to Shophero.

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