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A smart campaign - or as you may be more familiar with it an auto series, is a single or series of emails triggered to go out after a certain event in your store.

In this document you will find:

What is a smart campaign?

Active/Inactive Campaigns

What Campaigns are available?

Where to edit

Understanding the stats


What is a smart campaign?

A smart campaign is any marketing outreach that happens automatically based on a specific trigger - for instance, someone abandoning a cart with items on your store, or when a person buys something. We use this information to trigger an email or push notification that goes out automatically to your customer, you don’t have to do a thing.

It’s going to notice all the stuff you don’t have time for and  reach out for you - how smart!

Active/Inactive Campaigns

Clicking on the Smart Campaigns tab at the top of the page brings you to an overview of all of your active and inactive campaigns. These can be easily switched on and off to be enabled or disabled.

By default, all of your active campaigns will appear on the page first - however if you’re just starting off and have no active campaigns, you will see your inactive campaigns first so you can switch them on.

What Smart Campaigns are available?

The following Smart Campaigns are available to you to enable or disable depending on your marketing strategy - although we recommend turning on as many make sense for you to keep your customers in the buying cycle. 

Each campaign is designed to capture your customers attention at just the right time, they are:

Order Receipts
Order Shipped
Product Feedback
Best Customers
Customer Birthday
First Purchase
Welcome Series
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Winback Churned Customers
Winback Idle Customers


Where to edit your Campaigns

Each campaign is represented by a square that contains the name, and a few overview stats of how well it's doing.


Clicking directly on this square will bring you to the preview/editing page where you can see the statistics available for this campaign including how many messages have been sent, how many of those have been opened, clicked on or have converted into sales for you!

Below these stats are the individual steps in each series. Some campaigns will have one automated message that goes out, some of them will have multiple steps, set to go out in a timed manner one after the other - each of these steps will have the following options associated with them:


Edit - Gives you the ability to edit message content including the subject line, preview text, any images displayed, the main text of the message, if you want to include any coupons or discounts and button text.

Preview - Generates a pop-up window that allows you to preview how the message is going to display to your customers when they receive it.

NOTE: Shophero pulls product images directly from your store, if the images are different layouts ie: portrait vs. landscape - the heights will appear different in the message

Send Test - Generates a pop-up window where you can enter your email to receive an emailed preview of what the message is going to look like.



For more information about [Editing] your messages/templates click [here].

Understanding the Stats

There's a lot of information that we collect on every single message that goes out - here's an overview of what that information means:

Extra Sales - Accounting for revenue is based on a "last touch attribution" model, which means that the last message they interacted with (opened, clicked on etc.) gets credit for any purchases a customer makes after that.

Messages sent - This is how many messages have been sent since your campaign was activated, or how many messages within a series have been sent since its activation.

Opened - This is how many times your messages have been opened total. This number may be higher than the number of people it's been sent to as one person may open a message multiple times.

Clicked - This is how many times a message has been clicked on, whether that's a link in your text or a button on the message itself.

Converted - This is the number of times people converted from your marketing campaign and this number corresponds to the amount of revenue we calculate you've made.




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