Editing Your Templates

While all of our campaigns are good to go from the minute you sign up most people want to add their personal flair to a message, here's how ;)

In this document you will find:

Template Overview

Editing Fields

Personalization Options

Template Overview

You've clicked the edit button, and now you're looking at a whole page of text boxes and a big preview window on the side. Let's get into it.

All of our templates are designed for maximum efficacy in your industry - which means we don't put anything in your template that shouldn't be there, or won't help you. That being said, there are times when you can add or remove elements if you don't feel they work.

The MUST haves:

Every template has some things that are integral to the success of your message and cannot be removed, these include:
A Subject Line - you can erase it, but leaving a blank field will not be saved.
Your Logo - reminding people of your brand is an absolute must have. It should be at the beginning of everything you do and at the top of all your communications - for this reason, we do not allow it's removal. You can change it however in your [Email Design Settings]. 
Product Info - depending on the template, it may include checkout information for products they've ordered, abandoned or looked at, if the aim is to keep your customer in the buying cycle, we don't want to remove the opportunity for them to return to their cart, or find similar products.
Social Media Icons - if you've entered your business' social media details in the [Email Design Settings] then they will always be present near the bottom of your templates. If you don't want them to show up - simply remove your details from the settings section.
The Footer - the footer includes your store name, business location and a link to unsubscribe from emails in future which must be included by all recent email marketing legislation.
The Order - the order that template content is arranged in cannot be changed. After years in the email marketing business we've collected hundreds of battle tested template and design styles per industry, we know what people want to see and where to put it for maximum efficiency.


Editing Fields

These are the fields on the left hand side of your page that can be edited an played with. As we discussed above, every message requires a subject line, but what that says is completely up to you!


The Preview text is the small preview of what your message is about - and in regular emails is usually the first couple of lines from the message.


In most, of your templates you will have the option to upload an image to give your message a bit of flair! This is the perfect place to upload promotional images, stock photos or any image you think will catch the eye of your customer!


The last set of boxes may be more, or less than this depending on the template in question - but usually consists of options like this. Opportunities to add text, to change button text or another message.

Anything you see on the lefthand side of your page is open for editing and will populate instantly on the right hand side preview to give you an idea of how it looks. 

Personalization Options

In some of the above screenshots you may have noticed text that appears like this:

{{ contact.first_name }}

These are what we refer to as a Merge Field and it is a shortcut that allows us to write one thing in the place of individual information which gets filled in after sending. Instead of writing up thousands of emails with everyone's first name, we write one email with a merge field and thousands of emails go out, each with a personalized name.

If you're familiar with Shopify or are coming from our sister app Rare you may have seen these called 'Dynamic Tags'; they're the same thing. We can do this with lots of different information depending on the information available and the syntax for the merge field. 

The standard personalization options are:

Contact first name - {{ contact.first_name }}
Your store name - {{ shop.name }}
Your store domain - {{ shop.url }}
Specific coupons you add - {{ coupon.code }}
A specified amount off - {{ coupon.percent }}

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