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Smart campaigns covers the best of the automated emails - but what about the occasional bulk campaign just to advertise? What if I want to just let everyone know about our products every now and then?

Shophero presents: The Product Recommendation Campaign

In this document you will find:

What is an Product Recommendation Campaign?

How do I turn it on?

Newsletter Settings/Editing

What is an Product Recommendation Campaign?

An Autopilot Newsletter is an email marketing campaign that goes out on a designated schedule (every week, every two weeks or every month) that's primary function is JUST to remind your contacts about what's new, what you have, and what's going on with your store.

Not all the smart campaigns will JUST advertise your goodies, they all have another goal in mind. Capitalize on an abandoned cart, wish them a happy birthday etc. With Autopilot Newsletters - the whole point is just to say "hey there! wanna see some stuff?"

How to Activate your Newsletter

To turn on your Autopilot newsletter all you need to do is head over to the Autopilot tab and click the switch to activate it!


Newsletter Settings and Editing

If you click on the blue box entitled "Recommendations Newsletter" you'll be brought to the page where settings can be changed, and the template can be edited. It will look something like this:


Clicking "Update Schedule" will allow you to change when these newsletters go out by week, and day and even time that they send!

Below that you'll see three buttons that will allow you to better understand what your customers are seeing: Edit, Preview and Send Test.

To learn more about editing a template click [here].


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