Shophero Settings

There are four categories of settings that each play an important role in your Shophero account, they are: Account Settings, Email Design Settings, Coupon Settings and The Product Rules.


In this document you'll find:

Account Settings

Email Design


Product Rules

Account Settings

There are five sections in the account settings that have to do directly with your store and marketing voice.

  1. Industry - This setting tells us what industry you're working in so that we can customize marketing layouts for your specific industry. Find your industry on the list or select 'Other' if you don't see your store's category.
  2. Marketing Language - This allows you to choose the language you want your emails to be sent in.
  3. Language & Tone - This section is responsible for the tone of your emails and helps us decide on word choice and enthusiasm for your emails, you can choose a more casual or conversational tone, or go with something more excited or professional.
  4. Embed Script - Some accounts will require an extra step to integrate their Shophero account and will need to follow the directions for inserting it in their code [here]. If you're not sure if this applies to you - reach out to support to find out!
  5. Sign up Script - If you want to add an email signup form to your website that points directly to us here is where you can copy the script! This can be embedded using the instructions [here].

Email Design

These settings are responsible for the branded design of your emails. You can upload your logo here, choose the design 'layout' that will act as the template guide for your emails with regards to colour and font and enter your social media links that will be included in your footer!


You'll be able to preview how all of these layouts and settings look on your emails by watching the changes happen live on the template preview on the right hand side of the screen.


Some of the emails you may want to send will include opportunities for customers to save some money if they come back to you! Good examples of this are in the Abandoned Cart email, Birthday email and the customer winback email.

Offering customers an incentive to come back can not only generate sales, but also good-will and a positive brand association people build with you. 

These settings offer you the chance to decide which coupons from your store we insert into your templates. You can choose to offer total order discounts, discounts on shipping, discounts on individual items or 'gifts'.

By entering the coupon code from your Ecommerce admin and indicating the amount that it's for we can seamlessly add these offers to your emails to make sure your customers are getting the incentives they need to become repeat buyers!


NOTE: Coupons must first be created in the Ecommerce Admin before they can be added to the settings. Coupons cannot be created from Shophero.

Product Rules

There may be products you don't want recommended in emails! Swatches, samples, or sale items might be examples of products you don't want people to get notified about in emails - and that's totally fine. Here is where you can select which collections you DON'T want advertised.

Shophero designates products to NOT show by collection. In order to select the products you don't want recommended, you will first need to create a "Do not recommend" collection in your Ecommerce admin and add any products you don't want recommended to that collection.

From there you can simply turn your collections on or off for product recommendations.


Our product recommendation algorithm will now only select products for recommendation based on the available, enabled collections.


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