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The contact page is where we store all of your contact information and where you can upload more from other sources.

What you'll find in this document:

Contact Information
Event Timeline
Uploading Contacts via CSV

Contact Information

Each column gives you different information about the contact:
Push ID
Phone Number
Status (Subscribed/Unsubscribed)
Source (Ecommerce/CSV)
Total Spent

The final button gives you the ability to unsubscribe anyone from your list manually so you always have complete control over your list and the contacts on it.

When you hover over any of the rows of contact information you'll notice that the row becomes highlighted. Clicking on the highlighted row takes you to the individual Contact Page for each of your contacts and includes all of the information displayed on the previous page, PLUS date of birth if known, any tags associated with the customer, their [Purchase Status], and their address.

Below that you'll see that customer's Event Timeline - this is the story of your customer.

The Event Timeline

This section details the history of your contact with this customer. Every email sent, every time they clicked on it, in order from most recent to least recent. It allows you to see the flow of communication with each customer and see their journey with you from prospect to customer to return customer through the emails you send them.



Uploading via CSV

You may want to upload contacts through a CSV file on this page. To do that simply click the "Import Contacts" button in the top right hand side of the Contacts page.


Upload your CSV file by clicking "Choose Files" and select your CSV. Once the file appears click "Next Step".

The next window asks you to tell us what kind of information is in this CSV. Is the first row a header? What's in the columns? Select the information that's in each column by choosing from the drop down menu to match the first 2 rows of your file.


Once all the information matches, click Import!

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