The Shophero Dashboard

Welcome to Shophero! If you've just signed up the Dashboard is the main page where all your information is collected for easy viewing.


Understanding the Dash

Having a marketing strategy is great but it doesn't do you any good unless you know how well it's doing! The dashboard is here to give you all the information you need on how you're doing!

Revenue Recovered - This is the amount of money that you've made with Shophero so far! But you can adjust the dates in the date picker in the top right corner to see what period you want to look at.

Messages Sent - This is how many messages you've sent for a given period, this could be all time, or as mentioned above - for a specific timeline if you choose to select a period in the date picker.

Open Rate - The percentage of messages that are opened by your customers. This number may feel low - but remember, people get sent marketing emails every day, many of which they don't open. It's very rare for Ecommerce companies to have open rates of 40% or higher.

Click Rate - The percentage of messages that are clicked on by your customers. This number tends to be even smaller because not only do they have to open the email, they have to click on one of your links - however there is a direct relationship between clicks on an email and interest in your product!

Conversion Rate - The  percentage of people who convert from your marketing and contribute to your Revenue Recovered number!



Your Top Campaigns

This section highlights the campaigns that are making you the MOST money. Typically the welcome campaign has the highest open rates, and also the highest earning potential. These people WANT to hear from you - why not get them on the hook with a nice coupon for signing up?

You can also select the "View All Campaigns" to see everything you currently have active and inactive!

To learn more about your Campaigns click [here]! Or if you'd like a more information about terms used here check out our [Glossary].


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