Shophero Embed Script

You may need to add the script tag below into the theme template of your shop. If your shop requires the following embed script added to its theme follow the directions below!

1. Copy the Shophero Embed Script from the Account Settings section of your Settings tab:
It will look something like this - with your account's personalized information in place of "YourAccountName".

2. Once this script is copied to your clipboard - head over to your website's theme code. For Shopify instructions on finding your theme code click here. You're looking for the Head Tag of your website and it will look like this <head>.

(For Shopify clients the <head> tag is located in the theme.liquid)

3. Your goal is to paste this script on its own line between the Head tags <head> </head>. So either after <head> or right before </head>. Make sure not to paste it in the middle of any other code that will be between these tags. 


4. Save your theme! You've successfully added the Shophero embed script!


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