The Activity page is where you can see the total history of everything that gets sent on your account. It tells you in order, what happened, who it happened to, and when.


Event - The event is an event we can record with our tracking code in each message that goes out and will tell us if an email was sent, if it was opened or clicked on!
Campaign - This tells us which campaign it was that was sent, opened or clicked on.
Contact - The name we have on file for the individual who triggered the event.
Email - The email we have on file for the contact who triggered the event.
Push ID - This is the ID generated for each push notification sent on your website.
Phone - If you have a phone number collected for this contact we will display that here as well.
Timestamp - The timestamp is precisely when this event occurred.

Each of these rows are clickable and when clicked on you'll see a breakdown of this contact's information as it relates to the marketing campaigns you've sent them. 

This is your customer's story. To learn more about the Customer Story click [here] to see the Contacts page!

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