Billing with Ecwid is slightly different than our documentation on billing with Shopify. This section is to help give you a better understanding of how we bill if you're an Ecwid client and how that is going to look.

Free Trial

All of our Ecwid accounts get a two week free trial period to test the platform and see how they like it. At the end of the two week free trial clients are given the opportunity to enter their credit card information in Shophero to continue using the platform.

We bill based on contact count. $4.99 monthly for up to 999 contacts - $9.99 monthly for over 1000 contacts.


You can find your billing page by clicking on your numerical account name drop down and selecting "Billing" from the list of menu items:



Once there you can add your credit card to the "Payment Method" tab. 


From here you can also see which tier you're on - how much that's going to charge you, and for what period of time that bill covers. 

To add your credit card simply click the "ADD" button and this popup will appear:


Once your card has been added and your free trial is up, you'll be billed going forward. However you can always cancel the plan by uninstalling Shophero from the Ecwid platform.

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